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amor_remanet: photo of Amanda Seyfried in "Dear John," writing in her journal. (emily: writing things.)

in somnis veritas est

What matter where, if I be still the same?

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:Kassie wants to get an MFA from Starfleet Academy.
Birthdate:Feb 18
Website:Blood Weddings
Writer of original fictions and fanfics and sometimes awful poetry. Voracious reader. Book collector. Huggy. Perpetual scatterbrain. Earth-born extraterrestrial (not really, but it feels like it some days). Wearer of a massacred purple flannel shirt. Hopeless romantic. Stargazing cynic. Believer in the best in people, despite all evidence to the contrary. Panromantic easily confused demisexual. Space cadet. Over-thinks things. Cuddler. Ravenclaw (Slytherin curious). Green Monkey, occasionally Blue Barracuda. Religious studies enthusiast. Den mother. Open to suggestion. Memorizer of quotes and useless trivia. Sharing a soul with [ profile] splendorbug. Twins from different parents with [ profile] zen_fountain. Brain-twinned with [ profile] aurieal, [ profile] slartibartfst42, & [personal profile] temporalranger. I also hang out on tumblr.

I primarily post my fanfiction at AO3 and [ profile] bodasdesangre, so… if you're mostly here for that, you're more than welcome to friend me but I'd suggest following the comm as well. ♥

  • Ann-Louise is the Applejack to my Pinkie Pie, the Gin to my Fishie, the Gloria-May to my Princess Andy, the Susan Bones to my Zacharias Smith, the John to my Sherlock, and the Asimov to my Vonnegut. ♥

  • Astrid is the librarian!Cas to my Trekkie!Dean, the Spike to my Pinkie Pie, the Kushiel saga to my Goosebumps series, the Spandex!Cas to my hipster!Cas, the Irene Adler to my Sherlock Holmes, the Charles Xavier to my Erik Lensherr, the girl!Misha to my girl!Jensen, and the Power Rangers Drinking Game to my Mulan Drinking Game. ♥

  • Sally is the Twilight Sparkle to my Pinkie Pie, the Leela to my Philip J. Fry, the Mercedes Jones to my Lauren Zizes, the Amy Pond to my Eleven, the nuzzle to my cuddles, the Kermit to my Gonzo and Miss Piggy, the Ruby to my Lilith, the Mrs. Hudson to my Sherlock, and the Becky Rosen to my Chuck "the Prophet" Shurley. ♥

  • Tony is the Philip to my Lillian, the Rarity to my Pinkie Pie, Gretchen Weiners to my Karen Smith, the Charlotte to my Tiana, the non-sexual Ron to my Hermione, the Lestrade to my Sherlock, and the McCoy to my Spock. ♥

  • and Meggles Tyrannosaurus Prick Rex McPeggles is the Cas to my Dean and the Gabriel to my Cas, the Angelica to my Lilian, the Nickifer to my Samifer, the Santana to my Brittany, the Rainbow Dash to my Pinkie Pie, the Mercedes Jones to my Kurt Hummel, the Morgan to my Reid, the Kirk to my Spock, the Hermione to my Luna and the Harry to my Hermione, the Tonks to my Remus and the Sirius to my Severus, the Manny "I have a tyrannosaurus prick" Skerritt to my Jacob "IT WAS A ROBOT HEAD" Glaser, the Bender to my Philip J. Fry, the Bobby to my Crowley, the Jack Sparrow to my Hector Barbossa, the virologist to my mystic, the Roald Dahl to my RL Stine, the James Joyce to my Samuel Beckett, the Alexander Pope to my John Milton, the Arthur Miller to my Eugene O'Neill, the Willy Wonka to my Matilda Wormwood, the Janie to my Harriet M. Welsch, the Yzma to my Kronk, the Frank N. Furter to my Long John Silver, the Mycroft to my Sherlock, and forever my favorite HURRRR PAMCAKES.

[profile] homebrewbingo is a bingo challenge community with prompts drawn from a comprehensive list of kinks, tropes, clichés, and fetishes. We've got a little something for everyone.
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"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." ~ Edgar Allan Poe
“And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.” ~ Pablo Neruda
“Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.” ~ Allen Ginsberg
“All humans realize they are loved when witnessing the dawn; early morning is the truimph of good over evil. Absolved by light we decide to go on.” ~ Rufus Wainwright

My name is
I am
ambiguous, amorous, artsy, ask me, author, autistic (Asperger's), BDSM, bbw, big sister, bitch, bondage, bouncy, brunette, caring, cat lover, chapstick queer, complex, confused, creative, curious, demisexual, different, dreamer, eccentric, esoteric, fanperson, feminist, full of love, gender confused, genderfluid, genderqueer, huggy, indecisive, introvert, kinky, LGBTQIA, library dyke, lover, loving, Ms., mistress, mysticism scholar, nerd, not sure of myself, odd, panromantic, passionate, privileged, pro-choice, pro-sex feminist, queer, quirky, random, religious studies enthusiast, scholar, sapphist, sex positive, she-bitch, slash-writer, spiritual, student, switch, virgin
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