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amor_remanet: Takashi Shirogane from Voltron: Legendary Defender, with long hair, against Gilbert Baker's original 8-stripe rainbow pride flag (gay shiro: happy)

sometimes, i write things.

#someone please help takashi shirogane

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Name:Kassie Amorremanet, MFA: Human Disaster.
Birthdate:Feb 18
Website:AO3 Profile
Kassie (they/them or she/her). Writer first, everything else second. Autistic. Lesbian, sapphic, queer. ENTP Slytherclaw. Human disaster. Multifandom mess (only writing Voltron: Legendary Defender right now, maybe venturing into She-Ra and the Princesses of Power). Incurable shipper trash. Certified hurt/comfort monster. Lapsed Catholic, recovering academic. I want a dragon and an alien girlfriend.

I’m less like a person, more like two memes, five random (pop-)cultural references, and seven mental health issues, stacked on top of each other and wearing a trench-coat. Don’t worry, I have a permit. It might just be a piece of paper that says, “I can do what I want,” but I still have it. ……What? I love garbage. Also, I have too many AU ideas and I just like liking things.

The #1 long hair Shiro stan. One time, I got in a strop over his season 3 haircut and wrote a 400k+ fanfic about it (with tie-in stories… and a forthcoming sequel…… Look, I’m neck-deep in this already, I might as well see it through).

*NOT* an anti and I don’t like the glorified ship-war bullshit that has been labeled, “discourse” (and low-key ruined my ability to use and appreciate one of my favorite words in the English language). Ship whatever you want; it’s not my business and I can choose to avoid things I don’t like. Likewise, I’ll ship whatever I want, and tag/warn appropriately so y’all can avoid it as necessary. ♡

Recursive Works & Sundry
  • Podfics: Sure thing! Shoot me a link, if you do.

  • Translations: Feel free.

  • Remixes: Go right ahead, y’all. Shoot me a link via DM or comment, and if you post on AO3, please list your fic as related to mine.

  • Prequels, sequels, extensions, “set in the same AU,” etc.: Please talk to me about these, first. I’ll probably say yes, but I have some fics where I’d rather people didn’t write their own extensions. (I am, however, very open to sharing headcanons, world-building, etc.)

  • Art, edits, mixes, etc.: Please do! Link me so I can boost and appreciate it!

  • Archiving my work on other sites: No, period, absolutely not.

You can also find me at: ao3, Discord (amorremanet#5500), pillowfort, tumblr, and twitter.

Interests (165):

accessibility, acxallura, acxamelle, adasheith, adashi, albus/gellert, allura/romelle, allura/zethrid, alternate universes, amedot, american gods, anakin/obi wan, angst, anxiety, audre lorde, autism, barty crouch jr., barty/benjy, barty/regulus, barty/severus, bdsm, body positivity, bottom!shiro, butch/femme, cardassians, catadora, catra/entrapta/scorpia, chubby kink, connie/steven, cute animals, darkfic, deep space nine, depression, disability, dostoevsky, drag, dumbledore/grindelwald, dungeons and dragons, eating disorders, elim garak, emilie autumn, encatra, expressionism, fandom bingo, fandom studies, fanfiction, fantasy, federico garcia lorca, feedism, feminism, femslash, fiction, firefly, force commander scorpia, futuama, garak/bashir, gay, gay history, gay shiro, gay shit, gender, gender studies, glimmadora, good omens, gothic fiction, han/lando, han/leia, han/luke, hannigram, harry/cedric, hayley kiyoko, headcanons, height differences, hermione/luna, history, hurt/comfort, inara/kaylee, inara/zoe, jaspis, julian bashir, kink, kira/dax, kirk/spock, klingons, krolacxa, lance/lotor, lapidot, lapis lazuli, lars/sadie, lars/steven, leonard cohen, lesbian, lesbian history, lgbtq, lgbtq history, lgbtq issues, long hair shiro, love, magical realism, mal/book, mal/simon, mental health, merfolk, monsters, multishipping, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, omegaverse, oscar wilde, pallura, pearl/rose, plot tribbles, poetry, polyamory, prompt tables, prompts, queer, queer history, queer melancholy, rarepairs, recovery, remus/sirius, research, richard siken, rocky horror picture show, rupaul's drag race, sailor moon, sapphic, scorptra, sexuality, shance, she ra and the princesses of power, sheith, sheitor, shendak, shipping, shklance, shotor, shunk, simon/jayne, snape/crouch jr., speculative fiction, star trek, star wars, steven universe, takashi shirogane, tennessee williams, terry pratchett, the decemberists, the mountain goats, the sandman, the song of songs, uliro, urban fantasy, vampires, veracxa, voltron: legendary defender, vulcans, weight gain, werewolves, wlw, writing, writing prompts, yuuri on ice, zezor
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